Experience Lab

At a first glimpse, the Experience Lab might seem like a typical meeting room. But the Experience Lab is much more. It can be used to observe different sessions located in either the leisure or the office lab and it can be used to apply methods that involve more than two users (subjects).

"Being Observed" and "Observing" in the Experience Lab

In the first case (being observed) the Experience Lab is monitored from either of the two control rooms. Such a setting is typical for e.g. focus groups and participatory design sessions.

In the second case (observing), people in the Experience Lab can monitor any room of the user experience laboratories (via video and audio transmission from the respective room/s). Such settings are used when designers want to discuss the results of a test or a trial while watching a test session.

The Experience Lab is also equipped with leading edge presentation and moderation facilities. These include e.g. a smart board connected to a PC for saving and printing of scribbles and handwritings.